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Session Tracking/Data Capture

From just a few hundred attendees to 20,000 plus, our best-in-class features make data collection and certificate issuance a breeze.  Data can be collected by handheld scanners, standalone table top scanners, LE Bluetooth beacons, short-range RFID Tap'N'Go, and long-range RFID readers.   Our service levels vary from DIY to complete onsite support.

Send us your session schedule and a template of your certificate.   We take care of everything else.   We build the schedule, we build the certificate, we build in your certification requirements (ie length of stay in a session, different hours for differing registration categories, etc), we program the equipment, we ship, and if you prefer, we show up to manage the process.   We free up your time onsite to let you do what you do best...we don't ask you to learn our system and build your own schedule or  documents.   Unless you want to.  We do it for you.  Some of the features include:

  • Free Mobile App: Automatic Check-in & Event Guide w/ Session Alerts

  • Active BLE Session Tracking & Centralized Data Collection

  • Active Dwell Time Monitoring & Reporting

  • Event Deliverables (PDF documents, video links, etc.)

  • Mobile App & Web-Based Attendee Feedback Tools

  • Detailed Reporting & Data Exports

  • Attendee Active Session & Event Guide

  • Event Deliverables (PDF documents, video links, etc.)

  • Real Time Attendee Feedback

  • and more...

We provide administration tools that help you manage your event, including:

  • Integrated Roster Management

  • Live Event/Session Monitoring

  • Detailed Attendee Participation Analytics

  • On-Demand Session Reports & Exports

  • Real Time Attendee Feedback

  • Course Credit Earned Metrics & Automatic Certificate Delivery

  • and more...

FAB Technologies can help with attendee registration, event setup and configuration, and can rent any equipment needed to make your event a success! We can help with:

  • Event Registration Processing (w/ complete roster management)

  • Event Setup & Branding

  • Equipment Rentals: Including Badge Scanners, Badge Printers, BLE Beacons & Laptops

  • On-Site Event Support

  • and more...

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